Founded by Kelly Munford, SLK Associates Ltd was launched in 2009, making 2019 our tenth anniversary year. Over the last decade SLK has helped craft campaigns for a whole host of clients, given a wide range of brands a face lift and dabbled in countless promotional projects that spread the globe.  Our motto has always been "You've Got It, We Flaunt It" and it remains a core vein throughout all our work - we appreciate the talent our clients have and we do our upmost to make sure everyone knows about it. 

We now have bases in Leeds, Ibiza and Hereford - we can also be found on occasion exploring the scenes in London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Miami, so if you'd like to meet up with us then we're sure to find a location that fits! 

Offices in Ibiza, Leeds and Hereford

TELEPHONE 0800 566 8350

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