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About the Project

Ever since his first hit ‘A Higher Place’ stormed Dance charts worldwide when it was released on Hed Kandi records in 2003, Peyton has been the undisputed maleĀ voice of soulful House. Now, just a year after his controversial exit from the UK’s X Factor where Simon Cowell described him as ‘pure class,’ Peyton is on course to reach that even higher place with the highly-anticipated release of his brand new studio album ‘Sinners Got Soul Too.’ The album is a bold departure from the dance music he is currently known for, but still borrows inspiration from his childhood as the real life son of a preacher man in Virginia. Weaving elements of Gospel and Soul with a thoroughly current sound, Peyton’s trademark uplifting lyrics and vocals sound ever better when they’re not in competition with a kick-drum and this album proves that Peyton is ready to step off the dance floor and share his gift and his message of hope with a much wider audience.